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Private Parties


Client Appreciations

Tailored as a token of appreciation and dedication, from race track days to unforgettable speakers and motivators, we plan it all!

Charity Fundraisers

From paint-a-nights and art fundraiser shows, to private galas, rest assured that the ideas are grand. We always think outside the box so call us for a brainstorming session.

Executive Retreats

Management team building or directors' retreats? For starters, we send them somewhere exotic and serve champagne all day long...and that's just the ice breaker.

Corporate Events



The benefits of going public or private is in the eye of the beholder but our sole focus is to plan your conference, big or small, all the way from entertainment to breakout targeted sessions, served with cocktails and hors d'oeuvres in between.

Corporate Parties

Dinner parties, performance artists et al facilitates a closed deal. Count on us to build and strengthen your client relationships - our  promise to you!

Team Buildings

Boost your company team morale and creativity by letting us plan your next event to enhance social relations and team performance - guaranteed!

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